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Technology is a tool if used in accordance can create wonders and that’s what we aim for at IU. The world of science is improving at a rapid spe...

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Latest Web Technology

Technology is a tool if used in accordance can create wonders and that’s what we aim for at IU. The world of science is revolving at a tremendous speed and it’s our job to keep up with the newest ...

Customer Satisfaction

No organization can function brilliantly without giving individual attention and importance to its clients as it’s an essential part of the whole business paradigm. IU has always set its customers...

Timely Delivery

The IU team is a staunch believer in delivering ordered product/solution diligently and on time. We put in our best effort to accomplish the assiduous task of giving the finished product to our client...

Customer support

We not only provide fit-to-size services but take full responsibility of any malfunction occurring afterwards. The industrious team at IU works tirelessly in obliterating any bug in the product. The c...



We work with deligence & great care

Enterprise Solutions

Integrated Units offers enterprise-wide solutions rather than departmental ones. We provide automated solutions for enterprise content management, IT service management, enterprise resource planning, ...

Media Managment

Be it documents and files or videos and animations, all digital assets need a system to manage them. We aim at providing media management system to access the digital assets easily and maintain them a...

Mobile Development

The world today is a click away either on the personal computer or a mobile phone: a fact that has provoked IU team to launch its expertise in the field of mobile phone applications to make the phone ...

Hosting Solutions

A platform is mandatory for uplifting your business of any field. IU specializes in designing platforms and developing them in accordance to your requirements. Our video sharing platforms shall enable...


They say first impression is the last impression and they are quite right. Not only people admire beautification of their self but anything that has even a minute chance of getting viewership which pr...

Web Development

The designers at IU toil to shape your ideas as you want them to be seen by millions of users globally. We offer our expertise in front end development using the latest technologies of HTML, CSS, JQUE...


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