About Us

Integrated Units (Pvt) Ltd is a trusted partner and a recognized leader in providing applications, outsourcing system, integration and providing media solution delivery services.
Integrated Units is experienced in outsourcing software development, deployment of large IT Systems including
ERP Solutions and System Integration, which places the company in the position to deliver best of bred products and
solutions to its customers without high costs of doing business. Today Infinite offers fully-fledged services with highly
experienced team in the areas of project management and governance by using agile methodologies tailored to customer

No Matter What

Our Values & Vision

Our passion drives us, every problem is a challenge as well as opportunity/ Our Mission is to build the trustworthy and global IT company providing our customer with high quality software and services.

We love breaking a making

Our team is highly passionate and our confidence is our motivation level

We own the problems

Solving a problem is one thing, we adopt it, we rethink by creating same problem in different scenarios, we own it

We are cautious, we care

When we take the job , it not just about a project, its about trust and name

Critical Thinking
Egg or Chicken?

Before jumping we always think about all possible outcomes and reason we are always prepared for everything



UI/UX Design




3d Modeling


Video Production


It’s time you regained
control over your website

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