Our Food Ordering System is simple, yet sophisticated which conveniently allows you to have an ultimate number of food items all divided into their categories and sub categories. This professionally displays on your website and online ordering system for your customer to brows and choose from.

Our Features

Restaurant Manager conveniently manages all your online food ordering system within the blink of an eye
Mobile App

An app with food menu, items, notifications of order selection and many more options

Easy way to share your services that can be rapidly provisioned with minimum effort
Plug and play

A significant plug and play option for your customers with easy access and usage

A complete details of ordering process with facility of customer evaluation and satisfaction 

Customer View

Mobile App

FoodBucket. Our online food ordering application represents your restaurant business online through use of well-designed and customized mobile application. This further lets you showcase your features, menu, services, photos, delivery location on GPS which eventually is a useful marketing tool for your restaurant business. Furthermore, an order through app makes sure the evaluation of your registered customers and secured back-end statistics which are vast in numbers.

Customer & Server/Waiter View

Tablet app

You can grab our tablet app which can be used by your staff to take orders. The app has simple and easy to use interface which speeds up the process. Quickly view recent orders and track progress. There is absolutely no need to manually take order. Our app handles everything from taking an order to serving

Admin view

Foodbucket Backend

Our Food Ordering System, is gone ahead and offers your customers the complete details of their order processing from start to end, this eventually comes up with Customer service satisfaction. We offer you a complete and flexible back-end access to move smoothly in term of your work and business with the facility of maintaining all the records.