Mobile Development

The world today is a click away either on the personal computer or a mobile phone: a fact that has provoked IU team to launch its expertise in the field of mobile phone applications to make the phone usage more swift and easy. We design mobile applications to support your web solutions and provide platforms that can work as efficiently on the mobile phone as on a non-mobile device.

We, affirmatively, create applications that are devoid of any security loopholes and our clients enjoy the bug-free applications comfortably.


Although we have Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and cellular devices for smart mobile devices. We try to build and integrate IoT apps with independent devices that require different connection protocols. Mobile development has already been operating in two groups and the same sort of philosophy should be followed, But we believe in five tiers and they all need to be cohesive in development stage. Such as, Device, gateway, data, analytics, application.


Our experience enables us to manage corporate level demands. Our mobile apps are intuitive, available and provide the appropriate content. We design apps that connects with back-end system, secure and single sign in, role based (i.e customer, partners, suppliers.

Technologies we work on


Provision of Social, personal, interactive and engaging apps for iPhone and iPad. Swift and Objective-C technology


Android Apps development for startups and businesses to engage effectively with Java technology


Development of windows applications for enterprise, e-commerce, and education.